Launched a multi-step MailChimp campaign for one client. They went big out of the gate with twelve emails. Adjusting to how the MailChimp does things compared to Marketo and Eloqua, but it’s come a long way. Wrapped up with some LucidChart flows so the customer can visualize the flow. Will train Sales team next Monday on how to use MailChimp for their own sends.

Found a list of counties and zips in California, ran a report to export all California companies out of Salesforce, performed a few vlookups to find the accounts I needed, updated in Salesforce. Met with AVP for region to see how that part of CA will get split up.

Modified a few campaigns in Marketo based on known backup appliances and backup applications, increasing the size of the audiences.

Created two rollup fields in Salesforce on the account – first purchase date and first M&S renewal. Bunch of other SF admin tasks – setting up RingDNA accounts, etc.

Created new ads for a Rollworks campaign that’s been running for a few months. After ready John Caples for some inspiration, looking at some competitor ads, and then checking out some consumer ads to see if anyone – like a Rodale – was doing anything interesting (also, lots of ads for Casper mattresses. remarketing). Some ideas:

  • Get up to 20x faster backups
  • A better backup
  • Backup 3x faster (than any other backup storage)
  • Recover 20x faster (than other backup storage)
  • Out support knows their CIFs (bad IT pun, also, support for what?)

Updated protected emails in Eloqua. Customer doesn’t want to pay 40k for Stensul, so we’re seeing what we can do in Eloqua to create more of a low-code/no-code environmnet.

Had some update meetings with clients. Occasionally checking MS Teams, Slack, Trello, and Wrike for any project tasks I need to act on.

Running stats for the morning’s marketing meeting.

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